Harold Zegil
Owner & Partner

Working on cars is in Harold's blood. Automotive service is a family tradition at Zegil Automotive and Transmission, dating all the way back to when Harold was a boy. Even back then he was doing repair and maintenance on cars, trucks, and a variety of vehicles like vans and minivans, which eventually evolved into SUVs. Harold Zegil loves his work, and he loves having a business that allows him to have followed his interests and serve the community.

Born in Peterborough, Ontario, eventually Harold moved to Strathmore, Alberta, where the family interest in automotive and business grew. Harold's path eventually led him to open Zegil Automotive & Transmission in April of 2016, where he works with his wife Shannon and two of his four kids. You'll even see a grandchild on the premises, little Mia, from time to time, and it's only a matter of time before she has a wrench in her hand as well!

From engines to electrical to exhaust, Harold and crew can take care of your service needs. Brakes, tires, front end, rear end, axels, batteries and brakes, Harold's years of experience will guide you to the best quality solution for whatever might be troubling your vehicle.

Shannon Zegil
Owner & Partner

Shannon is the friendly face you'll see when you walk in the door at Zegil Automotive & Transmission. Married to Harold Zegil for over 20 years, the two of them are the heart and brains behind the Zegil family auto repair and machine shop business in Strathmore.

Shannon's years of automotive experience assure Zegil customers of always getting a fair price and a straightforward estimate when they need service or automotive repair. Expert in auto parts and sourcing, Shannon will make sure your vehicle has the highest quality parts and a straightforward list of whatever your vehicle may need.

Outside of work, Shannon loves crafts, travel, and spending time with friends and family. And while she thinks of herself as shy, to anyone observing her in the shop, she is the epitome of warm conversation and an open heart.

Cassidy Parker

Continuing to the Zegil family tradition, Harold's daughter Cassidy is also a devoted member of the auto service team. Wielding the phone rather than wrenches, Cassidy helps auto service customers in Strathmore set up service and repair appointments. There's a great chance that friendly voice you hear when you call the shop is hers!

In addition, she's a champ when it comes to getting parts. Whether a customer needs routine maintenance like oil changes, fluid replacement, filters, tires, or brakes, Cassidy will find what is needed and for a great price. If there's a repair in order, or diagnostic work is done and service needs to be done, Cassidy will get what you need, on time, and of the highest quality. From transmissions to engines, to steering, exhaust and beyond, Cassidy has your back.

Outside of work, Cassidy likes to make custom items like cups and shirts, and she loves to hang out with her family and go off traveling.

Larry Guy
Automotive Technician & Transmission Specialist

Anyone looking for an experienced auto tech or transmission service in Strathmore will love our guy, Larry Guy. We rely on Larry for general mechanical repair, and even more heavily for transmission work. Larry's got over 35 years of experience repair, rebuilding, and installing transmissions. If you've got a shifting problem, strange noise, missing or just won't go into gear, if Larry can't fix it, no one can.

Larry started working on cars, trucks, and SUVs when he was kid, helping his brother out. As he got older, he went on to S.A.I.T technical training and ultimately got his Interprovincial Mechanic's License. His first automotive technician job was as a gas jockey and lube tech for the AMC dealer in Moose Jaw. He's come a long way since, with years of experience not just in transmission, but several years also in industrial engine building and equipment repair, and even in small engine and rental equipment repair.

Outside of work, you can find Larry outdoors somewhere camping, very likely with a good book in his hands. Or if not in the woods, he'll likely be under the hood somewhere, working on one of his passions: old cars.

Zack Zegil

Zack continues the family legacy, having been a shop assistant through his high school years, picking up the trade from the experienced technicians, and ultimately headed toward S.A.I.T. automotive training program, after which becoming 1st-year apprentice.

His love of automobiles and desire to learn everything he could about how cars, trucks, and SUVs operate began as a kid. He can even remember all the way back to being so little he was strapped into one of those kid's car seats and watching his dad working on cars. So he was destined to follow in Harold's footsteps. It really does get in the blood.

When he's not continuing his education and training or helping out at the shop, Zack loves skating, working on his own truck, camping, quading, and hanging out with friends, among whom he is known for his quick wit and sense of humor.

Shawn Gosnell
Shop Assistant Volunteer

Shawn is all our around helper. He loves cars so much he volunteers to pitch in around the shop. When one of our techs needs a hand, Shawn is there to pitch in. If we need a parts run or a customer needs a ride, we can count on Shawn. He also does a lot to keep the shop tidy and keep things in order so that Zegil Automotive and Transmission can run smoothly through the day.

He's always loved cars, and he even works on them for fun when he is home. He really just can't get enough. When he's not tinkering under the hood as a hobby, he'll be with his wife, Susan, often out camping or having fun on their side-by-side ATVs.

Mia Davies
Cuteness Specialist

Mia's primary responsibilities are being sweet and adorable, with a specialty in cuteness. She can be counted on to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees her, and she is also excellent at keeping everyone in the office in a good mood and on their toes!

If you have any questions about your service, prices, or our excellent warranty policies, Mia probably can't explain it. At least not for another 12 or so years. However, she'll say something sweet, and will likely be standing near Shannon or Cassie who will happily translate that into something you can use.

In her off time, Mia loves books, cartoons, and snacks. (Who doesn't?)

Lead Dog & Fluffiness Specialist

Lexi was born in 2014 and came to Zegil Automotive & Transmission immediately after we brought her here. She was trained in various areas, none of which include brakes, front end, machining, transmission, or engine repair, but did include things like sitting and going outside to make water and, erm, mud.

She's been upgrading her education and is currently taking classes in "Not Barking at Customers" and in "Getting Along with the New Puppy." She presently maintains a GPA of 2.4, but is working with a tutor to improve. She is, however, excellent at greeting customers and her enthusiasm gets straight As.

When she is not greeting customers or harassing the puppy, she enjoys sleeping, snacking, napping, licking, and practicing her skills of going outside to do her doggie thing. Additionally, she is focused on coming to terms with fact she is simply not going to get any taller than she is.

Trouble Making Specialist

Minnie was born in October of 2021 and has been with us at Zegil Automotive & Transmission ever since. Being a puppy, she currently does not hold certifications in any cooling system services, air conditioning, axel, brake, rear end, or drivetrain specialties. We suspect she never will, but we don't want to limit her options, so we haven't told her that. Only time will tell.

She does specialize in being cute and very cuddly, and customers love her. She loves them too. She also tried to love licking fluids up off the floor, and that turned out pretty yucky, so now she's not doing that much anymore. If she can stop piddling on the floor, it will be a win for everyone.

When she's not licking and snuggling with customers, you can count on Minnie to be chewing up something with her sharp little puppy teeth. But we love her, and we know she'll chill out in time.


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